Nothing is more annoying than seeing the memory read errors or msvcr110.dll is missing errors that the Steam games like SF5 and Injustice Gods Among Us give upon startup.  It took me 2 days to figure out what the problem is.  Fixing one of the games actually also ended up fixing the other game.  I own an Aspire V15 laptop black edition with Nvidia 940M graphics on Windows 10 and after I saw both games fail to run, I thought it was my laptop that was the issue but apparently it is not.  It is simply software.

I will attach the files I used to fix this but they are not special files.  Just DirectX and Microsoft Visual C+ files. With street fighter–I was seeing the error code 0x00007ffbcd45e06e memory error.
What I did was just install the provided DirectX and Microsoft Visual C+ setup which actually setup all versions of Visual C+ going back to 2005 and Voila, the street fighter was able to run.

The Injustice Gods among us on the other hand can run but the Launcher itself will still give errors.  Just delete the Launcher and get the actual game application .exe from the root folder that Injustice Gods Among Us is installed in and you should be able to run it just fine.

Here is the zip containing the needed files.  Just run the main setup Installer .exe that is in both folders for both DirectX and Microsoft Visual C+ redistro and you will be fine.  You will see lots of files for each, but there is actually 1 main installer in each folder that will install all of them for you.  Once you do this I can almost guarantee your game is gonna run.  In the DirectX folder inside the Zip you will have to run the DXSetup.exe and in the Vcredist folder you will have to run both X86 and X64 versions.  If your system is just X86 and not 64 bit then you can only run the x86 32bit installer.  But if your system is X64– you will have to run both.