Been GPS spoofing and teleporting locations too much in Pokèmon Go? Good news! You can still carry on doing it easily. Often when you GPS spoof, you will find that pokèstops do not drop any items or give any XP. You will also find that pokèmon run away every time you try to catch them. This is called a softban and can last from 5 minutes to 24 hours or more. Hacking Pokèmon Go was risky until now. Now you can unban yourself in minutes easily and continue GPS spoofing and botting Pokèmon Go!

This hack works on both iOS and Android. You can set-up this software on either a Mac or a Windows PC.

Click here to download the software you will need and then follow the instructions in the video above or in the text below.

Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file. Open up the “QuickSpin” application. The application will begin and then follow the instructions it provides. It will also for a latitude and longitude. You can find the latitude and longitude of anywhere at this website. Find the latitude and longitude of your area and enter it. The altitude should always be 10. You will need to sign in with either your Google account or your Pokèmon Training Club account but you will not get any viruses for doing so.

Once you have entered your information, the application will send your account to the nearest pokèstop from the location that you entered. It will spin the pokèstop 50 times, which, apparently gets rid of your softban. Crazy, huh?!

Happy hacking everyone!