Whilst playing Pokémon Go, it seems that every metre all you can get is either a Weedle, Rattata, Zubat or Caterpie. Today, we’re gonna fix that for you and help you find rarer Pokémon and defeat all the gyms in your town or city.

First and foremost, make sure you understand how to play! This is critical! You may think you know how to, but here are some tips you may not have known about.

When you see leaves rustling on your screen, there could be a Pokémon at that area so make sure you investigate those particular spots. You can also curveball your shots which can give you an XP bonus. Some people find it even easier to curveball than a normal throw. To curveball, circle your pokéball around until it begins to shine golden and then try to aim it at the pokémon you are trying to obtain.

Another handy tip is that if you want your eggs to hatch fast, which can often give you incredibly rare Pokémon with very high CP, you can attach your phone to a ceiling fan and turn it on. It sounds bizarre but it works. It tricks the app into thinking that you’re moving and your eggs will hatch in no time.

Only use normal pokéballs on common Pokémon. Do not waste higher tier balls on Rattatas and Weedles and the likes. Also be sure to delete items you aren’t going to need in order to free up your bag space and transfer Pokémon you don’t use so that you free up your Pokémon space and also gain candy to power up and evolve your Pokémon.

Here is a handy rarity chart to help you gather information on your Pokémon or Pokémon nearby.